protože! proto!!!
“ A little boy about 6 years old that I was sitting next to when I saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 looked up at his mother and said, ‚Mummy, why is that girl crying?‘ The mum looked at me and replied, ‚Because sweet heart, this movie is what she grew up with. She was there when Harry got on his broom for the first time and is still here while he is finally defeating Voldemort. This movie series is her childhood. You won’t understand for a couple of years what this movie means to her…‘ The boy tapped me on the shoulder and said, ‚It’s okay ‚cause when I’m your age and I understand, I will find you an give you a hug.‘ “


5 komentářů to “cituji”

  1. Tak google překladač mi teda nepomohl….

  2. Kyaa, to je krásný T___T
    (Nenápadně jsem se ti vetřela na blog, pokud nevadí ^^;)

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