30 Day Stereotypical Tumblr User Personal Challenge

Tohle sem taky musela stýlnout!!!! a budeme si tu hráááát:D
Nebudu to cpát na Tambler ale bude to prdel….

Začínám zítra…

◦DAY 1. Your name and 5 things about you that no one really knows.
◦DAY 2. A picture of one of your celebrity crushes and 5 things you would do with/to them. No questions asked –
◦DAY 3. A picture and/or description of your favorite place in your world. And I’m not talking about like France or Greece. I’m talking somewhere you visit daily or at least fairly often
◦DAY 4. Please state your Hogwart’s House, your favorite spell, your patronus, your boggart, and your favorite book in the series
◦DAY 5. Name your favorite sport and how you became interested in it. If you don’t like sports, tell us why 🙂
◦DAY 6. What’s your guilty pleasure tv show, food, and magazine –
◦DAY 7. Show me a picture of you and the person you feel closest to at this time
◦DAY 8. Rant to me. About your family. Your friends. Your friend. A celebrity. A schoolmate. A tv show. Anything
◦DAY 9. If your house caught on fire what would be the most important things for you to save
◦DAY 10. What is your favorite website aside from Tumblr? Why
◦DAY 11. Leave a secret
◦DAY 12. Show me the first and last gif in your gif folder. Along with your favorite gif of all time or just from right now 🙂
◦DAY 13. What is your favorite book (aside from Harry Potter :))
◦DAY 14. Show me a picture of your dream car
◦DAY 15. If you were to get a tattoo what would it be of, where would it be, and why would you get it
◦DAY 16. Name another celebrity crush and what would you say to them if you only had 30 seconds to talk to them while knowing you’d never see them again
◦DAY 17. Show me a picture of your dream house
◦DAY 18. If your ipod were to lose all but 5 songs with no chance of getting any other songs back onto it, what would you hope those songs would be
◦DAY 19. What are you craving to eat right now
◦DAY 20. Show me a picture of you smiling 🙂
◦DAY 21. Post a picture of one thing you would buy if you had more than enough money to do so
◦DAY 22. Who in your family are you the closest to? Why?
◦DAY 23. If you could have any pet regardless of what it is, what would you want?
◦DAY 24. Show me a picture of yourself that you think you look good in 🙂
◦DAY 25. What do you think your future looks like right now?
◦DAY 26. List all of the things that make you smile/happier than anything else in the world/feel the best.
◦DAY 27. What are your favorite lyrics from a song played by your favorite band/singer/artist?
◦DAY 28. Who inspires you the most? Be it based on personality, style, or what they’ve accomplished in life. Feel free to list more than one 🙂
◦DAY 29. Why did you choose your current profile picture/icon?
◦DAY 30. Why did you do this challenge? Did you like i?


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